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Having a website is pointless if no one can find it.

Organic search engine optimization is the key to a successful online presence. Many companies guarantee first page rankings or promise overnight results. At Myriad our promise and guarantee is simple. We promise to follow current white-hat SEO techniques to help drive traffic to your site.

Our SEO method isn’t fancy. It’s not flashy and it doesn’t happen overnight. But we’ve taken what we know about how search engines work, what we've learned through trial and error, and countless hours of research, and we’ve developed a process designed to increase organic traffic to your site….and it works.

We’ve found that optimizing a website is most effective when we implement a year-long strategy.

Enter: Myriad Monthly.

With Myriad Monthly, we run a series of reports throughout the year, analyze your site, create new content, report our findings, and tweak content, etc.

We've optimized over 50 sites and could not be happier with their search engine performance.

What is Myriad Monthly

Myriad Monthly is our fixed monthly SEO & maintenance plan. It includes:

  • One (1) Initial SEO Report

  • Eight (8) Monthly Snapshot Reports

  • Two (2) Quarterly SEO Reports

    One (1) End of Year Report

  • Unlimited SEO Optimization – Based on report findings.

  • Unlimited Website Updates

  • Unlimited Phone, Email & In-Person Communications

For more information, including report examples and pricing, contact us or check out our Myriad Monthly case study.



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