Case Study

Mae Fence Identified Their Target Market in Record Speed

Discover how Mae Fence fast-tracked their market research with a healthy advertising budget and our know-how.

When Mae Fence approached us, they were ready to get serious about marketing . . . and to commit to the budgetary needs of an all-out campaign.

With a healthy budget to support our efforts, we were able to quickly hone in on their marketing needs, identify their target audience, and turn paid ads into paying customers. Here’s how:

Developing a
Brand Guide for Consistency

Right away, we noticed that there were inconsistencies across the board for all of Mae Fence’s marketing efforts. We knew that we needed to tighten up the messaging if we wanted to help them see results. 

This was an important step because recognition is everything in modern-day marketing.

So, we created a brand guide for the company. This allowed our team and theirs to achieve consistent messaging between logos, ads, social media, and more. Ultimately, the brand guide enabled Mae Fence to establish trust and recognition across every marketing channel.


The Need

Mae Fence needed to identify their target market and get their attention fast. 

The Strategy

Brand cohesion, a new website, and an aggressive, multi-platform ad campaign with a focus on conversions was implemented. 

The Result

Mae Fence generates 15-20 leads per day and has thousands of visits to their website.

Creating a Stunning New Website

After establishing the brand guide, our team created a new website for Mae Fence.

This helped to further integrate their marketing strategy into one cohesive entity. And with regular content updates in the form of knowledge base articles, we were able to communicate to visitors that the Mae Fence website is an active, robust community––just like the company itself.

It also provided them with a modern and enticing platform to point all of their marketing campaigns back to. 

Now, when a person clicks on an ad or finds a link to their website on a SERP, they land on an impressive, modernized, and content-rich platform.

The result?
Paid-for leads become paying customers. 

Mae Fence Case Study

Going All-out On Paid Ads

Speaking of leads, here’s how our team took a healthy marketing budget and
turned it into quality leads for Mae Fence within the first two weeks.

Defining Mae Fence’s Goals A/B Testing for Data Monitoring Results and Honing Techniques
Defining Mae Fence’s Goals
  • We helped Mae Fence define their goals so we could determine whether paid ads were the best way to reach them.

    They wanted to increase their brand awareness, learn more about their target audience, and get quality leads for more work.

    So, we directed a large portion of their budget and our time towards Google and Facebook ads.

  • We created a lineup of paid ads targeting different keywords and service areas. To narrow down the target audience, we also tried a few different marketing strategies. Our team A/B tested the following:

    Negative vs. positive advertising
    With emojis vs. without emojis
    Short-form content vs. long-form content
    A range of other techniques

    All of this allowed us to move forward with their marketing plan and make data-driven decisions along the way.

  • With these various ad types in place, we also established a conversion tracking method to monitor results. This allowed our team to further hone their strategies by throwing out techniques that weren’t working and doubling down on techniques that were.

    In this way, we did more than simply spend Mae Fence’s ad budget and hope for great results. We actively tracked results like lead volume, total revenue, and cost per acquisition. Then, we used these results as a benchmark to create new ads that were designed to reach their actual target audience and generate quality leads in an affordable way.

TIME OUT: you may believe that you know who your target audience is, but if you haven’t performed any actual market research, you really can’t be sure. Here’s an example: 

One of our clients–we’ll call them Company X–came to us believing their target audience was people looking for information.


We spent several months targeting that type of client, only to discover that the bulk of their leads were not people who wanted information, but instead, wanted quick access to their services.

Armed with the knowledge of their actual target audience, we were able to hone in on that group and vastly improve their marketing efforts.

Back to Mae...

Raking in the Results

Because we were working with a large budget, we were able to test various strategies.

Through our test, we were able to identify the target audience for each ad type and dial in on campaigns that proved successful...all in a short time frame.

And it wasn’t long before the results started to come in...

Mae Fence’s Facebook Ad Strategy

  • Consists of more than 180 distinct ads
  • Has received more than 1 million impressions
  • Generates 15 - 20 leads per day
  • Costs less than $40 per lead
  • Has generated more than 5,000 total clicks (at $3 per click)

Mae Fence’s Google Ads Strategy

  • Targets 3 separate locations and 6 separate subcategories
  • Has received more than 1,200 total clicks
  • Is generating 13,500 impressions and counting
  • Has allowed Mae Fence to turn their leads into 120 + conversions

What does this means for you?

Every industry is different. And every industry is different in different parts of the country. So finding success through paid ads is a matter of getting to know your potential customers and discovering what actually works for that audience. 

In this case, a bigger budget allowed us quicker access to helpful data. But with time and strategy, we can help anyone (regardless of budget) perform market research and obtain noteworthy results. Just be willing to trust the process, and our team will get you there. 

Are you ready to see what a full-service strategy could do for your business? We work with businesses who are innovators, experts in their field, and tired of status quo marketing.

If that’s you, then let’s get started.