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AI vs. Human Copywriters | The Showdown!

If you can’t spot the difference between a human copywriter and AI, you can’t sit with us.

We’ve told you before that AI is not the end-all-be-all for copywriting. While it can be helpful throughout various parts of the creative process, ChatGPT (and the like) is not advanced enough to create a website/email/general marketing copy that is powerful and engaging. Not yet, anyway.

Of course, you’re welcome to do some trial and error on your own. But we thought it might help to give you a direct comparison of how AI copywriting compares to human copywriting.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify which versions of the following content types were written by humans . . . and which were written by brainless, soulless machines.

Have fun!

1. Email Copy

ToasterTubs is running a sale on their most popular product: the Solo Soak. They’ve asked our team to write an email highlighting the sale for their subscribers. Can you tell which version was written by a human and which was written by AI?

Version A –

[Customer’s Name],

We interrupt your Monday morning blues with a metamorphic announcement:

Our best-selling Solo Soak is now 20% off!

That’s right, our game-changing hot tub for one is currently available at its lowest price yet. So grab your flip flops, your towel, and the nearest loaf of bread and hightail it to our website.

And make it snappy—inventory for our last Solo Soak sale sold out in record time!

Yours truly,


Version B –

Dear [Customer’s Name],

We hope this email finds you well and ready for some exciting news! As a valued customer of ToasterTubs, we wanted to give you a heads-up about an upcoming event that will make your relaxation dreams come true.

Introducing the Solo Soak Hot Tub Sale — your chance to elevate your relaxation game while enjoying remarkable savings. Our Solo Soak model, which has captured the hearts of countless customers, is now available at an irresistible price for a limited time.

Thank you for being a part of the ToasterTubs family. We look forward to serving you and helping you create unforgettable moments of relaxation and joy.

Warm regards,


Answer Key:

If your vision started to blur with the opener, “We hope this email finds you well,” same. While ChatGPT was able to mimic an average sales email with Version B, it leaned a little too heavily on boring cliches for our tastes.

Version A, on the other hand, is made up of snappier sentences and more unique phrasing. The result is a personality-filled email that was clearly written by a human and has a better chance of catching the reader’s attention.

2. Social Media Copy

ToasterTubs needs an Instagram caption for a picture they hope to post soon. The image is of a perfectly golden piece of toast. Tell us which version you believe was written by AI.

Version A –

Did you know that toast is scientifically proven to taste better than regular bread? It’s true. Look up the Maillard Reaction and let us know your thoughts in the comments. #NoButterStartToTheMorning #Toast #Science

Version B –

“Crisp, golden, and ready to delight — just like life’s little moments. Here’s to mornings filled with warmth and possibilities. 🍞✨ #ToastToTheBest #SimplePleasures

Answer Key:

Wait, can someone explain to us how life’s little moments are crispy? Are we reading that right??

Weird wording aside, Version B is once again too generic and devoid of personality to make an impact. Version A is better because it is creative, unique, and clearly the product of a human brain (not an algorithm.)

While ChatGPT was able to mimic an average sales email, it leaned a little too heavily on boring cliches for our tastes.

3. Resource Article Copy

ToasterTubs wants to revamp their website’s resource section and has asked us to create a lineup of helpful new articles. Below, we’ve provided brief snippets of one article written by AI and one written by a human. You tell us which is which.

Version A –

Keeping it Smooth: A Guide to Avoiding Pruney Fingers in the Hot Tub
Relaxing in a hot tub is a wonderful way to unwind and soothe your muscles, but the dreaded pruney fingers can sometimes put a damper on your experience. Those wrinkled fingers are a result of prolonged exposure to water which can strip the skin of its natural oils and moisture. However, with a few simple strategies, you can enjoy your hot tub session without emerging with pruney fingers. In this article, we’ll explore how to keep your skin smooth and hydrated while indulging in the luxurious warmth of a hot tub.

Version B –

How to Enjoy Your Hot Tub without Morphing Into Prune
So you want to enjoy your guilty pleasure without broadcasting the fact that you’ve spent the last hour in a hot tub. We get it.

But how to avoid the dreaded pruney fingers that are a dead giveaway for your aquatic extravagance? For starters, it helps to understand why your fingers get pruney after a prolonged dip. The water, while warm and delightful, actually strips your skin of its natural oils and moisture.

To avoid looking like a soggy piece of fruit as you walk into the office, you’ll need to stay hydrated and replace those valuable natural oils. Here are a few tips that can help:

Answer Key:

Gosh, we hope you were able to spot the difference on this one. While Version A reads like a standard high school essay, Version B is a lot funner and easier to read.

And this really sums up the difference between AI and human copywriters. If you want your content to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to lean on human creatives to get the job done.

4. Website Copy

A while back, we wrote all-new website copy for ToasterTubs. Below, we’ve provided an example of our final Home Page product along with a mock sample from AI. Since you’re an expert now, we know it won’t take long for you to spot the difference.

Version A –

Are You Ready to Experience Perfection?
It’s been a long day, but you’re finally here. You’ve traded your work clothes for a swimsuit and now the AquaToast Pro’s gentle bubbles are melting the day’s stress away.

And just when you think things can’t get any better, you hear it: the gentle ringing of the custom chime you chose, alerting you to the moment you’ve longed for all day.

You bring one hand out of the water and reach over to the toaster slot to accept the gift it’s offering you.

With closed eyes, you feel the steam from the hot tub all around you and then bite into the perfectly toasted bread. The bubbles gurgle and sing around you as your worries and stresses melt away into a single, all-encompassing thought.


Version B –

Welcome to ToasterTubs: Where Luxury Meets Convenience
Experience the ultimate blend of relaxation and innovation with ToasterTubs — your destination for cutting-edge hot tubs with a twist! Imagine soaking in warm, bubbling water while enjoying the aroma of freshly toasted bread wafting through the air. At ToasterTubs, we’ve redefined the concept of luxury and convenience by introducing hot tubs with built-in toasters.

Elevate Your Relaxation Game
Indulge in the epitome of modern relaxation as you immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of our meticulously crafted hot tubs. Our expertly designed tubs are more than just a place to unwind — they’re a lifestyle upgrade. Feel the stress melt away as powerful jets massage your worries, while the built-in toaster delivers a delightful sensory experience, creating the perfect ambiance for your serene moments.

Answer Key:

Listen, if you didn’t even bother to finish reading Version B, we don’t blame you. Version A was written by a human and is far, far superior.

The Takeaway

ChatGPT will always give you something that is readable and (mostly) accurate. But it won’t reach the unique, personality-filled levels of human writing. . . mostly because it’s not unique or filled with personality. It’s an algorithm.

In an online world that is neck-deep in content, you really want your emails, social media captions, articles, etc. to stand out from the crowd. Use ChatGPT as a helpful tool, but don’t let it fill the position of copywriter. Your content will suffer if you do.

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