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Blog Your Way to a Better Business

Hello, class! Today we’re going to learn about blogs: why you need one and how to start one.

You’ve heard of food bloggers, mom bloggers, and even plant mom bloggers. You might follow a blog or two yourself. But is blogging really something you need to worry about? After all, we bet you’re pretty busy running that successful business of yours. 

In answer to that question, we have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news? You do need to start a blog.

The good news? Blogging is easy. And it’s fun.

In this article, we’re going to tell you why you need a blog. (Spoiler alert: the reasons for blogging are pretty similar to the reasons for starting a website or building a social media presence.)

As a bonus, we’ll also tell you how to start a blog, and how to make it fun. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Why You Need a Blog

Some people are called to blogging. Others, not so much. If you’ve never been one to express yourself online, blogging may be about as appealing as a colonoscopy. But we promise it’s totally worth the effort. Here’s why.

Blogging Builds Your Authority

Have you ever looked at your website and felt . . . bored?

If it’s been years since you’ve made any updates, your website will start to feel stagnant. Blogging is a great way to get things moving and to help your clients reinvest in what your business has to offer. 

Plus, blogging instantly establishes you as an authority figure and allows you to become a thought leader in your industry. If someone uses your website as their source of information, that person will also turn to you when they needs a related product or service. 

Why? Because they’ll trust you to solve their problem. Blog frequently and you’ll soon find your readers are morphing into clients. 

Blogging Builds Your SEO

Remember, good SEO is about answering the questions of your ideal customer. One great way to do that is through, you guessed it, blogging. Plus, a blog allows for the opportunity to target more keywords and create fresh content for Google’s crawlers. 

Just be sure to stay on topic

If you get too rambly, too personal, or too topic-happy, you may venture into territory that isn’t helpful or relevant. Create a good experience for your reader and the SEO will follow. 

Blogging Builds Your Email List

If your readers like what they see, they’re going to want more. That means they’re going to sign up for your email list. (If you don’t yet have an email marketing campaign here’s why you should.) 

Encourage readers to sign up by throwing in a call to action at the end of each post. Something like this should do the trick . . . 

“Want to read more of our bewitching wordsmithery? Sign up for our weekly newsletter.”

(Or you could tone it down. Totally up to you.)

Blogging Builds Relationships

The moment a searcher makes it to your website, the seedlings of a relationship are planted. If you give that searcher a reason to return (with the promise of a weekly or monthly blog post) that relationship will start to take root. Eventually, as you encourage feedback and comments, the relationship will bloom into something beautiful—and profitable. 

Encourage feedback, even if it’s sometimes negative. Tread carefully and those conversations will turn into conversions.

Some people are called to blogging. Others, not so much. If you’ve never been one to express yourself online, blogging may be about as appealing as a colonoscopy.

How to Start Blogging

Starting a blog is not for the faint of heart. But once you have established a voice and routine, you’ll find that blogging is relatively easy. 

To get your blog up and running, we recommend that you:

  • Find your voice (will your blog be strictly professional or conversational and friendly?)
  • Create a backlog of posts before launching
  • Draft some promotional social media posts
  • Invest in a content calendar
  • Ask for feedback in the comments
  • Brainstorm new post ideas based on that feedback
  • Carry a notepad around with you for when inspiration strikes

Once you get into a routine, blogging will become second nature. And you’ll find that your business has become all the better for it.

How to Love the Blogger Lyfe

Blogging doesn’t work unless you make it work for you. If you simply cannot commit to a weekly post, that’s okay. Don’t stress! Even a monthly update can have great results if you do it the right way.

So, how do you blog the right way? You write authentically and passionately. As a fervent business owner, those moods should be second nature to you. Lean into those motivations that got you started in the first place. Doing so will have your readers begging for more.

As your little league coach would say, “What’s important is that we’re all having fun.” So here are a few more tips to help make blogging a blast:

  • Stay organized
  • Write about what you know
  • Set goals
  • Celebrate when you reach those goals
  • Blog in a fun place like a park or coffee shop

These steps may seem simple, but they will help you avoid a stressful situation. And you can’t have a good time if you’re stressing out. That’s just science.

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