Posted in Email on Mar 14, 2022

Why You Need To Up Your Email Marketing Game

Many businesses underestimate the power of email marketing. Here is a breakdown of why you need to up your email marketing game to increase the reach of your brand.

For decades, people have checked their email every day. It has become a standard part of life for most people and more often than not, they do so with their mobile device. Cellphones in particular are on most people at all times, which means sending an email can reach a person immediately and virtually anywhere. 

Furthermore, most people interact with email in some way, whether by reading it, forwarding it, or taking advantage of a discount code or special offer. Engagement is much higher than even social media, which is a great means of getting a message to potential customers.

Cost Efficiency of Email Marketing

There are email marketing programs that simplify the process significantly and make it easy to keep email databases. What’s wonderful about this method of marketing is that it is so inexpensive, especially when you take into account the high rate of conversation delivered through email.

Most of the popular email marketing platforms like Constant Contact or Mailchimp have tiered pricing systems that range from $30-$150+/month. Some of the pricing difference is in what features you’d like to have and some difference comes in how many contacts you have.

The average ROI through email marketing is $36 for every $1 spent, making email marketing one of the most cost-effective and highest return values in all marketing avenues.

The potential gains are such that there’s minimal risk in employing such a program, and when used to deliver bargains and special benefits to email newsletter subscribers, you'll not only spread your brand, but will reinforce your current customer base. This means you will retain loyal customers, which in itself can be invaluable.

Content Delivery In Emails

One way or another, most people will see your email message, and if you take advantage of advanced marketing techniques (like customer segmentation, drip campaigns, personalized emails), the odds are great that you can provoke a customer interaction! Here are some tips to consider when preparing email marketing that can pay great dividends for you. 

Customer Personalization

Data collection and analysis are amazingly inclusive in today’s technological world and you have a lot of information at your fingertips, from what people have purchased or viewed to what items they have left in a cart. 

People love receiving personalized communication from businesses, whether it is through a special offer on an item they left in a cart which may spur them to make the purchase (since it’s obviously something they were considering) or a special birthday discount, these make your consumers feel special and build customer loyalty. 

Personalization doesn’t stop with e-commerce sites either. Customers enjoy getting personalized messages from the companies they interact with. There’s also a greater chance for interaction if the messages delivered to them are actually relevant.

Plus, they are more likely to do a lot of the advertising for you by spreading word-of-mouth advertising or completing positive reviews of your business.

Generating Traffic and Sales Through Email Marketing

Your main goal, of course, is to improve your sales and email marketing can be a key component to doing just that.

First of all, it is a great medium for communication and it reminds the consumer of your brand. You have the opportunity to let your fans know about new products or offers, circulars, or acquire surveys, polls, or other customer feedback. 

But you also have the opportunity to lure them to your website, which is effectively the same as getting them to enter your store to begin shopping! 

With interesting ideas and offers, you can encourage your readers to go to your site to find out more, and once you have them there, they will have access to the greater information that you have there. A great landing page or other information can make them want to click or browse your products. 

And, of course, once they are there, you can learn even more about them to trigger personalized emails and offers, which will make them feel special and want to return time and time again.

Something to always keep in mind with email marketing is that it’s an easy way to build customer trust with your company or brand. It’s a time to offer free information that is helpful and relevant. Even if it seems counterintuitive to offer free advice, it’s one of the best ways to build brand loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Any method which can get a potential customer to your website is valuable since the competition is so great and more and more people are opting to shop online. 

Safety and quarantine have brought many new cybershoppers into the fold and even when the major threat of covid is gone, the shopping world has forever been impacted by the changes it has wrought. 

Email marketing is a relatively inexpensive way to get impressive conversions and interactivity with your customer base. Providing bonuses or special deals for people to subscribe to your email list can make a huge difference in your bottom line. 

Remember: you have to find a pleasant balance in how often you send emails. Do not drive your loyal clientele away, but make each email an event every reader will look forward to, either because they are a lot of fun or provide one-of-a-kind deals, or both.