The Night
Before Christmas

Our Christmas card to our clients that's so much more than a Christmas card. 

Check out the original paintings or watch the video, or scroll down to see it in action.

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After our successful parody of the 12 Days of Christmas, we wanted to pivot away from humor and instead attempt to capture some of the magic and wonder that so often accompanies the anticipation of Christmas.

Naturally, our attention was drawn to Clement Clarke Moore’s timeless classic. We rewrote it, turning it into a thank you letter to our clients.

Each scene was hand-painted in watercolor, then scanned so we could use it digitally. You can find original scans here if you’d like to see the beautiful, full-resolution versions.

We assembled it all into a video with narration performed by our very own Matt Madigan. Music was composed by our good friend and Chicago Cubs organist: John Benedeck.