Case Study

NPS Earns More Than They Spend on Marketing.

Discover how NPS earns $3 for every $1 spent on marketing—and how Myriad helped them get there in just 13 short months.



From the moment we met NPS, it was obvious they were different from other counseling centers. Their ADHD experience, diagnostic skills, and compassionate team of therapists made it clear that they were an inexorable force in their field.

We knew all our team had to do was point people in the right direction and the work at NPS would speak for itself. But to do that, NPS needed a heavy-hitting, multi-front marketing strategy.

If they were committed to growing their client base, they needed to be committed to a robust marketing initiative. 

At first, they were hesitant. They weren’t sure they wanted to spend the kind of money that was necessary to make a difference.

NPS left our offer on the table and went with a cheaper marketing provider... 

A few months later, they came back to us ready to commit. It didn't take long for them to discover that a lower price tag had also meant a lower quality of service—and fewer results. 

The Need

Increase client base, announce new services,
and set NPS apart from the competition.

The Strategy

A multi-faceted marketing initiative to maximize
their exposure both to current clientele and new,
prospective clients.

The Result

A 3:1 return on their marketing investment.

Turning one success into another...and another.

With the go-ahead from NPS, our team got started with SEO—and over the course of a few months, their site’s traffic began to ramp up. From there, NPS was sold on every strategy our team had to offer. 

Since investing in our full-service marketing package, Neal Psychological Specialties has grown their business via these kinds of results:

  • A 3:1 return on their investment! 
  • New clients every month
  • 95% site health (the top 10% of websites on the internet have 92%)
  • More than double the amount of organic traffic to their site
  • A dramatic increase in the number of relevant keywords they rank for (from 94 to 1,494)
  • A 47% increase in the number of quality backlinks to their website

These results didn’t happen accidentally. They were the product of an intentional and ongoing strategy that was driven by data. By committing to a full-service plan, NPS was finally able to receive the heightened results they’d been looking for. 



What does “Full Service” marketing look like for NPS?

Again, these kinds of results don’t happen overnight. To bring in an ongoing 3:1 return on their marketing investment, NPS had to commit to a full-service marketing strategy. Here’s what that looks like: 

A Website Revamp
Visit the NPS website today and you’ll find streamlined, easy-to-use, and beautifully designed pages. You’ll also find a plethora of information about what they do and why it matters. 

But this wasn’t always the case.

With our help, the counseling center was able to build a strong foundation for their overall marketing campaign. Now, no matter where they go or what they do with their strategy, they have a strong home base to point back to. One that clearly defines their brand and establishes their center as a credible expert in the field. 

Because of their new website, NPS also has an opportunity—one they are capitalizing on—to reach a wider audience. Based on our recommendations, they’ve created additional landing pages to target searchers from nearby communities who are on the hunt for therapists “near me.” 

As a result of this strategy and the resultant influx of new clients, NPS is actively looking to open another physical location in a nearby community! 

nps home page.png


An SEO Strategy
With a beautiful and healthy website to point back to, NPS was already halfway there when it came to building a successful SEO campaign.

With our help, they were able to define their keywords and tailor their content around those keywords. 

This had the dual benefit of making their website appealing to Google’s bots and answering the needs of real potential customers.

It also increased the number of users who interact with their website . . . by over 600%. 

(You read that right.)

Here’s another number:

From January 1st to May 1st of 2020, the NPS website saw 4,697 total page views. From January 1st to May 1st of 2023, the NPS website saw 17,599 total page views. 

That means, because of SEO, they’ve had around 13k more opportunities to win new clients this year than they did three years ago.

What’s more, their SEO efforts have brought traffic to the site from coast to coast. As a result, they’ve expanded their services to include tele counseling for clients all over the country.



An Email Marketing Campaign
Of course, widening their audience and bringing in new clients was a huge win for NPS. But they also needed to continue caring for their existing clients. This is where an intentional email strategy came into play. 

We advised NPS that a healthy email marketing strategy would allow their center to stay in touch and establish long-term loyalty with their existing clients.

It would also enable them to provide updates about new counselors, services, and opportunities as the center continues to grow.

They agreed.

Now, they have a thriving email marketing campaign that is easy and affordable to maintain. Plus, we’ve been able to secure them:

  • A tremendously high average open rate of 51% (compared to the national average of 19.2% for the industry) 
  • An above-average click-through rate of 1.9% (compared to the national average of 1.2% for the industry)

What does this tell you? That, with our help, NPS is seeing and speaking to the needs of the people on their email list. And they are getting more visits to their website as a result. 

A Commitment to Paid Advertising
After everything else, paid advertising has served as the cherry on top of an already-successful marketing strategy.

With our Google Ad expertise on their side, they’ve appeared in over 900,000 search results over the last 16 months.

From that, they’ve nabbed around 19,000 clicks. 

A big reason for adding paid ads to their marketing strategy was that they had

added several new service offerings they wanted to promote. Additionally, they were hiring new therapists who needed to fill their appointment time slots.

Rather than just waiting for the slow-moving SEO train to do the trick, we utilized paid ads to “turn on the faucet”.

This allowed NPS to quickly spread awareness of their new services and fill up the new therapists' schedules. 




What does this means for you?

Each of the figures we’ve outlined above is valuable in its own right. But it’s only by merging these results that NPS is able to boast a 3:1 return on their marketing investment. 

The NPS success story is not unique. It’s the result of an intentionally crafted and ongoing strategy. Once they began to think of marketing as a utility, rather than a product, NPS was finally able to see real, long-term results. 

Are you ready to see what a full-service strategy could do for your business? We work with businesses who are innovators, experts in their field, and tired of status quo marketing.

If that’s you, then let’s get started.