Case Study

We Helped NPS Streamline Their Business Processes – Their Conversion Rate Doubled.

This new data is so ridiculous, we made another NPS case study to tell you all about it.



We’ve worked with NPS for many years now, with noteworthy results. And you might assume that means we’ve been happy to simply maintain the status quo.

But you’d be wrong.

Although NPS has remained thrilled with the results we bring in—remember, they typically earn $3 for every $1 spent on marketing—we haven’t stopped looking for ways to improve those already stellar numbers. 

So, when their team (and ours) began to suspect a leak in their marketing conversion funnel, we didn’t slap duct tape on the issue and move on. We investigated. 

And here’s what we found . . . 

One small business decision was affecting their marketing results...

The Need

To identify a leak in the client conversion gap.

The Strategy

A shift in personnel and the implementation of
our CRM to handle the new influx of clients.

The Result

They’re getting more than twice as many
clients per month as before.

Remember, a traditional conversion funnel looks like this:

The Conversion Funnel

The conversion funnel represents the process a potential customer takes when interacting with a business. Traditional marketers are primarily focused on the first two steps: awareness and consideration. 

Meanwhile, the last two steps, conversion, and loyalty, are largely dependent on the business. Those steps are affected by details like the quality of a business’s products/services as well as the interactions its employees have with customers. Basically, if you’re nice to people and sell good stuff, people will keep coming back.

With all of that being said, Myriad is not a team of traditional marketers. 

Of course, we do spend a lot of time garnering awareness and consideration for the businesses we work with. But we don’t leave it at that. If we notice something fishy about the conversion and loyalty parts of the process, we speak up.

not your
typical agency

We solve real problems that will help you get more customers. We make realistic, measurable goals, and back our strategies with data. We work with businesses who live outside the box, do things that matter, and change the world.

That's me!

So, back to NPS...

After we noticed a hiccup in their conversion process, we did a little digging.
Here’s what we discovered:

  1. We were helping NPS gain a lot of website traffic.
  2. A large percentage of those site visitors were calling the NPS office to learn more.
  3. For the vast majority of leads, the process stopped there.

In other words, we were bringing people to the door, but they weren’t entering the home.
We’d found the leak in the process...
Next, we needed to find out what was happening and how to fix it. 


Killer Marketing ≠ Closed Leads

Sadly, killer marketing can do a lot of things, but it can’t force a customer to buy from you. In the case of NPS, the marketing process was flowing smoothly, almost perfectly, until it hit an impediment just before the finish line.

That impediment? A faulty intake system.

You see, NPS had appointed someone who was already juggling a few other job descriptions to answer the phones.

Believe it or not, that seemingly small business decision was causing them to lose out on business. A lot of business. 

The Key Moment

We suggested NPS let one of their therapists answer the phones for a bit...

The results?

Pure magic.



At their lowest point, NPS was achieving around 27 new clients per month.


After making a change in personnel, new clients have more than doubled per month.

That’s not a typo. NPS (more than) doubled their conversion rate, practically overnight. 




Meanwhile... How to Manage This Sudden Jump in Business? 

This current influx of new clients means NPS will likely surpass their previous 4-year projections within the year. Because they are gaining new clients much faster than their current drop-off rate, they’ve decided to hire more counselors to support this rapid growth. 

As you might imagine, a huge jump in business can sometimes lead to problems. Thankfully, we’ve made it possible for the team at NPS to onboard this massive influx of new clients.


With one simple, magical tool: our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system. 

The CRM allowed our team to systemize and polish NPS’s onboarding process. For starters, we helped them design an intake form to keep leads organized and in-take conversations on topic.

This intake form also makes it easier for NPS to assign the right therapist to each new client, which improves their customer retention rate. 

Because of the CRM, we are also able to deploy targeted marketing campaigns on behalf of NPS. Since their past, current, and potential clients are now organized by data, we can make more informed decisions regarding the marketing materials we send to these clients. 

Better yet, the CRM allows us to monitor where and when they lose people along the way. Because of this, NPS can make informed business decisions based on what’s working and what isn’t.

This is just a basic summary of the impact a customer relationship management system can have on a business.

The opportunities are virtually endless. 

Here’s the Crazy Thing...

Let’s go back to the beginning of this journey with NPS. It’s important to us that you understand one small but important detail. We didn’t identify the problem, help NPS fix it, and then provide our CRM as a solution to the sudden influx. Instead, we did those last two steps simultaneously

As a result, NPS didn’t experience so much as one faltered step along the way.

That is the difference between what we do and what other marketing agencies do. We don’t just make marketing easy; we solve potential problems before they have a chance to rear their ugly heads.

Let Us Set You Up with a CRM

Now that you’ve seen how a CRM revolutionized business processes over at NPS, are you ready to find out how one can help you? Our team would love to tell you more about this software system and how it can work for your business.

If that’s you, then let’s get started.